Meningitis Outbreak at UMD

Read about the meningitis outbreak at the University of Maryland and other viral outbreaks on college campuses across the country. Below is the full article written for my feature writing journalism class. There is also a link to the abridged version, which has been published on The Odyssey Online.   Ebola may be making headlines but itContinue reading “Meningitis Outbreak at UMD”

Lindsey Silverberg, an Advocate for Victims

Read about Lindsey Silverberg, a case manager for the Network for Victim Recovery of DC..  She is an advocate for victims of sexual assault and dedicates her time to supporting and assisting victims of these heinous crimes. Below is the full profile written for my feature writing journalism class. There is also a link to theContinue reading “Lindsey Silverberg, an Advocate for Victims”


After the video of Rice beating his fiancée was highly publicized all over the Internet, many people were asking how Palmer could have possibly stayed with him after the abuse. Victims of domestic violence came forward and started to tweet about reasons why they stayed, to show people that it is much more difficult toContinue reading “#WhyIStayed”

Bullying and Suicide: The Dangerous Relationship

Bullying is a serious problem in today’s world among youth. Read about one boy’s experience with bullying and how it is an example of what kids must deal with every day. In order to work together against bullying, it is important to know the signs and to reach out to victims. Early intervention is key to reducingContinue reading “Bullying and Suicide: The Dangerous Relationship”