Alexa currently works as a social media strategist for a corporate communications and investor relations firm, managing the day-to-day operations of the company’s social media accounts, as well as implementing social media plans. She also leads the social strategy and manages the social accounts of several biotech companies. When she isn’t tweeting or posting on LinkedIn, she is freelancing as a journalist or devoting herself to delivering the best results for her clients.

Applying to college, need writing and editing assistance or new to social media? I’m here for you.

Academics and Writing

You may be a high school student working on your common app essay, a college student writing a paper for a class or applying to graduate programs or a professional seeking admission to a related organization. No matter the situation, I work with clients to brainstorm, organize, draft and edit any piece of writing they need.

I work with a client from concept to submission, undergoing as many rounds of editing and collaboration as necessary to get their writing sample into the best version possible.

Social Media Strategy and Management

Maybe you have a Twitter but have never tweeted or have no idea what an Instagram story is, but you still ask yourself how you can reach a bigger audience. That’s where I come in. I’ve run the social media accounts of news outlets, corporations and biotech companies and can tell you the best time to post on LinkedIn or Facebook for the most engagement and create a calendar of content to ensure your social profiles have a steady stream of activity.

Social media is more than just drafting text and hitting tweet or post to Facebook. There are optimal times and places to post each piece of content. And with social media growing in the number of platforms and users, businesses that aren’t on it can be left behind.

In addition to content creation and strategizing, I can also manage your accounts — no need to worry about constantly checking Facebook comments or Instagram likes. I monitor and compile all the data from your social profiles to track progress.

Media Training

I’m a journalist by training, with nearly a decade of reporting and editing experience. I’ve interviewed senators, business executives, academics and people who are at the top of their field. It is because of my experience being the interviewer that people come to me to learn how to be interviewed. I’ve trained clients ranging from C-suite executives to PhDs on the best interviewing techniques to make sure they convey all pertinent information while remaining professional and avoiding conflict or revealing confidential information.

Do you have an interview but nervous about what the person may ask or not sure how to get your messaging across? I work with you to develop concise, coherent messaging that you can easily convey in an interview and can act as a liaison with the person conducting the interview to determine their goal and establish any parameters.

Alexa was amazing at helping me with multiple essays and applications over the last several years. I first used her to help brainstorm my essay for my medical residency and then worked extensively with her to edit it. Thanks to her guidance, support and expertise, I matched into my top program. A few years later I returned to Alexa to enlist her again for help with an application to a professional medical organization, which I was accepted into. And for a third time, I came to Alexa for a fellowship application and matched again into a top program.

I am beyond satisfied with the services Alexa has provided and am continually impressed with her skill set, creativity and support throughout the entire process.

Brian D.

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