Reverse Culture Shock

I’ve been in America for a little over a week now, even though it feels like I’ve been back for about two months already, and I’ve noticed some things I never have before and am learning to appreciate things I took for granted without even realizing it. I am missing Italy so much it hurtsContinue reading “Reverse Culture Shock”

You May Never Be This Free Again- Budapest

Hungary was not a place I ever saw myself going to; I never thought anything of it and didn’t know much about it. However, when I got to Rome my friends and people I met in some of my classes were all talking about going to Budapest. So I did some research and asked aroundContinue reading “You May Never Be This Free Again- Budapest”

I’m moving to Amsterdam- The Land of the Three Kisses

After a week in Rome with my sister and her fiancé, we were off once again to a new city. This time to a foreign land where none of us spoke the language. A sorority sister of mine, Rachel,  studying with me in Rome joined us for this adventure, which began at 4 a.m. onContinue reading “I’m moving to Amsterdam- The Land of the Three Kisses”

Arrivederci America!

I’ve always kept a blog but now I guess it’s time to do the obligatory college student goes abroad to Rome for a semester and writes about the food she eats, the wine she drinks, the men she meets and the culture shock she endures when she realizes that no one in Europe wears UggsContinue reading “Arrivederci America!”