You May Never Be This Free Again- Budapest

Hungary was not a place I ever saw myself going to; I never thought anything of it and didn’t know much about it. However, when I got to Rome my friends and people I met in some of my classes were all talking about going to Budapest. So I did some research and asked aroundContinue reading “You May Never Be This Free Again- Budapest”

Spring Break Part 2: London

After a busy couple of days in Paris, we were off to London to see some friends and do some more exploring. The flight seemed to go by in the blink of an eye and when we arrived we were ecstatic to be in a place where we could finally understand everyone and everything. WeContinue reading “Spring Break Part 2: London”

Spring Break Part 1: Paris

It all started at 7 am on March 14th. After a week of mid term exams and the lack of sleep that goes with them, Rachel, Jasmine, Kate and I were all ready to embark on our 10-day journey across Europe for our well-deserved spring break. First stop was Paris- a place I had beenContinue reading “Spring Break Part 1: Paris”

Nocturnal in Barcelona

This past weekend I visited two of my best friends, Anh and Jen, in Barcelona where they are studying abroad. The good thing about not having classes on Thursdays and having a four day weekend is that I can get the most out of my weekend trips. So my adventure began early Thursday morning withContinue reading “Nocturnal in Barcelona”

Mardi Gras Italian Style- Carnevale di Venezia

After my dream-like day in Tuscany it was early to bed so we could leave for a seven hour bus ride at 6 a.m. the following day. Still groggy and half asleep we boarded the bus and proceeded to sleep until we arrived, then it was off to the water taxis to take us toContinue reading “Mardi Gras Italian Style- Carnevale di Venezia”

Wine Tasting in Tuscany- I’m Living in a Dream

The title says it all. I am in living in a dream; one that I conjured up in years past and am finally living out. Sometimes I stop, take a deep breath, look around and take in where I am ¬†and what I am doing. I think to myself this cannot be real. How didContinue reading “Wine Tasting in Tuscany- I’m Living in a Dream”