News, 12/8

Breaking news for U.S. News & World Report, Dec. 8, 2017. Justice Department to Investigate Planned Parenthood Breakthrough in Brexit Negotiations Moves Deal Forward 12 UN Peacekeepers Killed in Congo Attack Pope Francis Suggests Altering Lord’s Prayer

La Famiglia

After a wonderful stay in Sorrento, Positano and Capri the fam and I woke up to catch a train from the station in Naples to Rome, where they were staying until Sunday. We left two hours before our train and thought that would give us plenty of time to make it to the train station,Continue reading “La Famiglia”

Lardieri Sisters Take on Europe

After a nice relaxing weekend in Naples and Pompeii we returned to Rome for the week until we jet setted off to our next location. As I’ve said before my sister’s fiancé, Matt, has never been to Europe so he wanted the full experience with tours and sightseeing and all. Their week was filled withContinue reading “Lardieri Sisters Take on Europe”